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Music Video Treatment 

The Song 

The Concept:
To juxtapose the laid back mood of the song, we will treat the Guinness World Record for "Most Squeaky Penis" as a truly monumental achievement.
The comedy of the video will come from putting the artist HiDef in situations of influence. By placing HiDef in oration positions i.e. a TED Talk host and a college professor, the sheer opposition of song subject from the serious lecture setting will be humorous.

"I'm a freaky genius, 

Got the guinness world record for

the most squeaky penis." 

Our first scene follows HiDef as he is judged for the award for "Most Squeaky Penis."
The scene is set in a dark location, HiDef stands alone in front of three Guinness World Record (GWR) judges. The room is cold... intense. HiDef is nervous as they examine and inspect the object in question. It feels like an interrogation scene.
Obviously, we will never see HiDef's penis. Any time it is being hinted at, it will be represented by a blinding glowing light emitting from his crotch.
After much deliberation, the judges all make eye contact and present HiDef with the framed GWR award. The tension is released from the room.

"If we talkin'

'bout dicks."

Our second scene is HiDef delivering a TED Talk. The performance, coverage, and shots of the interested crowd will all sell the comedy of HiDef seeming as though he is delivering a moving speech when he is simply discussing his phallic hygiene.
HiDef's performance will reflect exactly that of your standard TED Talks persona which can be broken down in this video



There are three lines that warrant
cutaways to a studio type environment

"It's symmetrical,

Perfectly Geometric."

When we shift into our third scene, HiDef will be placed in a college lecture environment. He is teaching in front of an attentive class.
The blackboards are adorned with various diagrams and illustrations of penises and cleaning products. We see the Guinness World Record hanging on the wall next to his PHD.

"Your Dick look like kelp"

"I am Michael phelps"

"Sleeves of her beaver"

The performance here will be similar to the TED Talk, however the artist will have a more dignified oration style. He is an expert in his field at this point, and you can tell by his dileberate gestures that he knows what he's talking about.
Here is an example of how the subject of the frame dictates the performance rather than the subject of the song.


"But you?

No, your dick is pathetic."

Scene 4: HiDef has now written a book about the cleanliness of his dick and we are at a book signing at a local bookstore. Here he directly addresses a young fan and his mother as he signs their book, and gives words of "encouragement."

"Aye girl, you know it will be worth the ride."

To round out the video we see HiDef in the back of a really dope Hummer Limo, complete with psychedelic lights. He sings seductively to an extremely attractive woman and she slowly begins to get turned on.
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